Performing LIVE @ The Argyle on weekends, introducing: the gorgeous Natalie Conway!

Hold on to your hats kids… you wonʼt believe your ears and eyes when you see this girl perform! Natalieʼs repertoire includes everything from current commercial releases to house classics, all performed with effortless perfection, all live… no auto-tune, no effects,…nothing but the real deal.

Natalie began performing live with DJ’s, spontaneously creating vocal hooks and melodies on the spot.  She has worked with top Sydney DJ’s such as: Cadell (seen and heard @ The Argyle frequently!), Jack McCord and Beth Yen (watch out, you may be seeing her on the decks @ The Argyle soon!), Dolso , DJ Pascal, Timmy Trumpet, DJ Minx, Levi5Star and Marcus Ng (aka our great friend Tikki Tembo)  … just to name a few!

Gorgeous and talented...what a combination!

Working in both the Pop/RnB and Club domain Natalie is a prolific writer as well as one of the most intriguing and versatile vocalists, to hit the clubs in a long time. Her distinctive tone and vocal ability encompass past eras of Jazz and Soul, infused with a sweeter taste of more modern RnB and Pop. 

Natalie has travelled both nationally and internationally, wowing crowds with her soaring voice, performing in numerous clubs throughout Australia as well as South America, Europe and Singapore. 

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