More than just a pretty face with a cheeky smile, Elly K, aka Laura Kirkwood, is rapidly making her mark on the Sydney music scene trading in her triangle, xylophone and years of piano lessons for a satchel of records, handful of CD’s and a pair of headphones.

How would you describe your music?
Anything with good keys, hi-hats, a sexy bass line, or a cowbell. I’m a huge disco fan. But that started from listening to a lot of hip-hop when I was younger and playing “guess the sample”. I’m lucky in playing a lot of gigs where I get to play different music, whether it’s disco, indie funk, soul, hip hop, house, or techno.

Where did you grow up? 

When did you start to DJ?
Almost two years ago.

What’s on the cards for you in the next couple of months?
Lots of music, more producing, more shows, more of me basically! You’ll have to keep a close eye…

Where do you want your music to take you?
I just want to continue learning as much as I can, and loving it as much as I do right now. But I think travelling around the world, and playing at festivals falls under that too, right?

What is the ultimate sign that you have made it in the music industry?
It’s not something I really think of. I think once I’ve got some of my own tracks out that will be really exciting.
And probably when other artists/DJs I admire acknowledge those tracks…

Who is inspiring your music at the moment/Who are you listening to?
There are so many – every day I’m inspired by something I hear whether it’s a new artist, new track, or remix. Todd Terje, Perseus, Danny Daze, Theophilus London, Soul Clap, Diplo, Julio Bashmore, Kreature, The 2 Bears, and Mayer Hawthorne all come to mind.

What do you like to hear when you go out? 
When I go out I like to hear new music. When I hear/see a DJ playing new music to a crowd it’s so exciting because they’re opening up the crowds ears to new and different sounds.

Why do you like playing at The Argyle?
I’ve been a resident DJ at The Argyle for probably a year now. Every time I play, whether it’s a cruisey cocktails-and-dinner Wednesday evening, or a late Saturday night house party, it’s always fun. It’s nice to play at a venue where the crowd is happy to just hear and dance to good music, and don’t come asking for whatever they heard on the radio 10 times that day!!

Tell us some quirky facts about yourself (don’t have to be music related)?
 I used to collect snails in my lunchbox at pre-school, take them home and surprise mum. I was the only girl in an AFL team for a couple of years, while doing gymnastics, ballet, and jazz classes at the same time. Weird? Yeah.

You can catch Elly K at The Argyle every month with an eclectic mix of beats that get everyone moving. Check the calender to see when she's playing next.