Known for her unique style of booty shaking tunes, blazers and handmade DJ gloves, LaVida, aka Cristina Orozco, is going places – fast. With a remarkable talent and an ambition to match time is limited until she is playing for packed clubs in Ibiza.

1) How would you describe your music?

Drums, drums, drums, hi-hats and a lot of trumpets that’s the kind of booty shaking music that always makes it into my list these days. No matter if it’s tribal, Latin, vocal, big room, disco tech or nu disco it’s authentic house music all the way for me.

2) Where did the name LaVida come from?

  LaVida is literally translated to “the life” in Spanish. It’s as simple as that, music is my life.  4) What is your trademark? What do people know you for?  My BLAZERS and hand made DJ gloves haha! I have some weird obsession with wearing them to most of my gigs…

3) What is your trademark? What do people know you for? 

I’m not sure what my trademark would be or how people see me, I guess because of my Hispanic background I’m always chucking a couple of classic Latin beats, that is when you know I am playing what I love!

I’ve been told that I am always happy and energetic.

4) When you’re not DJing, what do you do with your time?

Apart from a full time day job I also have a degree in Film & TV production so I am constantly out on mini photographic and film making projects like this female DJ Documentary – Girls in the Mix (click here to check it out). Last year I also held a charity event for the National Breast Cancer foundation, which was a great success. On top of all that I do enjoy organising many events just like my new monthly club.

5) What’s on the cards for you in the next couple of months? 

I’d like to take the production side of things a little more serious and make a couple of new remixes, speaking of which a new mix tape is on its way so keep an eye out for that!

6) Where do you want your music to take you? 

My ultimate long-term goal is to eventually play at Miami or Ibiza! Enough said on that dream. In the meanwhile I’ve had a lot of fantastic times playing at great gigs and would love to continue taking this further and remain part of the industry. 

7) What is the ultimate sign that you have made it in the industry? 

You know you have made the first step in the right direction when you start receiving emails, asking for advice or simply appreciating your work. Obviously the ultimate sign is having a huge network of support and the recognition of a record label.

8) If you could choose any festival in the world to headline which one would it be? 


9) What do you like about The Argyle? 

Wow! Where shall I start with this one?

Apart from the generic answer of EVERYTHING, I owe it to the friendly staff; security and managers who make me feel extremely welcome every time I come in for a set. The Argyle would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for them.

Also nothing can match the liveliness of the crowd, MUCH LOVE TO YOU GUYS, YOU MAKE MY NIGHT especially the regulars, you know who are. 

10) What is your pet peeve?

I’m generally pretty easy going but if I had to pick on something, would be cocky attitudes!  

12) Tell us some quirky facts about yourself?  I am actually allergic to green peas, I’ve been known to like the smell of brand new books, my arms are double jointed and I speak fluent Spanish. 

You can catch DJ LaVida’s authentic style of house music at The Argyle every month. Check the calendar to see when she's playing next.