Alice's Wonderland

BY The Argyle



DJ by night and fashion designer by day. Alice Quiddington has set the rhythm for packed dance floors with her eclectic blend of distinctly feminine disco and house music. The Argyle took some time to chat with  Alice about her two passions, music and fashion.

How would you describe your music?
I play house and disco mostly, although my taste is very eclectic, I love everything from hip-hop to techno.

When did you start to DJ?
About 2 years ago.

What is your trademark? What do people know you for?
I guess you can say I have a very feminine sound.

When you’re not a DJ, what do you do with your time?
At the moment I’m designing my own boutique clothing label.  I’m about to head to Bali to tee up all the production so that has been a pretty exciting little project that has been keeping me busy.

What’s on the cards for you in the next couple of months?
I’m hoping to get a few DJ gigs when I head over to Bali. Then I’m heading to Calvi on the Rocks which is a 5 day music festival in Corsica, France.

Where do you want your music to take you?
At the moment I have not released any of my own music but I have started to produce a little on the side. I guess the most you can hope for with that is that people will love your work and want to listen to it, if you get gigs based on that it would be pretty fulfilling.

If you could choose any festival in the world to headline which one would it be?
Calvi, Coachella, Burning Man are all festivals I’d love to play at.

Who is inspiring your music at the moment?
Apart from all the great deep house music going around at the moment, I’m really loving London based producer Scuba, I’ve been listening to his new album a lot.  Kraak & Smaak, Nana Kravitz and David August have also been getting a lot of air time.

What’s your favourite album of all time?
I remember having the salt n pepper album on cassette when I was younger, I probably listened to that more than any other album I’ve ever owned haha.

Favourite festival? 
In Australia, it would have to be Playground weekender.

What do you like about playing at The Argyle?
It’s always a fun crowd to play to at The Argyle. 

You can catch Alice Quiddington at The Argyle every month. Check the calendar to see when she's playing next.