Georgia on our mind

BY The Argyle



Georgia Magree, certified property valuer turned DJ has her sights set on world domination. With the days numbered until she is playing for packed crowds at Coachella this blonde bombshell took some time to talk to The Argyle about music, acting and her love for avocado toast. 

How would you describe your music?
Anything thing that you can bump and grind to but also music that makes people want to jump for the sky!

What is your trademark?
People will know it’s me when the music makes you want to take your clothes off!

When you’re not a DJ, what do you do with your time?
I’m a TV presenter who is currently taking acting classes. I also have a blog and love cooking.

What’s on the cards for you in the next couple of months?
Taking over the WORLD! Or hopefully landing gigs in Europe. 

Where do you want your music to take you? What is the ultimate sign that you have made it in the music industry?
I want to produce my own music as well as sing on my own tracks. I know I have made it when I am head lining Coachella!

If you could choose any festival in the world to headline?

What’s your favourite album of all time?
My music taste it quite large so it’s really hard. But I would have to say my favourite album of all time would have to be.........  Lauryn Hill "Miseductation of Lauryn Hill"

What do you think is happening in terms of trends in the music scene?
Everyone is into deep house at the moment which is cool and sexy.

What do you like about playing at The Argyle?
I love playing light hearted disco at The Argyle, music that makes people feel good.

Tell us some quirky facts about yourself?
I have just completed 2 courses at NIDA, am a certified Property Valuer and love avocado toast!

You can catch DJ Georgia at The Argyle every month. Check the calendar to see when she’s playing next.