DJ Liam Sampras

BY The Argyle



How would you describe your music?
All things HOUSE… Nu-Disco, Deep, Soulful, Funky and Big Room.

What is your trademark? What do people know you for?
I would say people know me for my association with SHE (Soulful House Experience) and also my residency at Argyle, which is now well into its 6th year. Also being one of the first Australian DJ’s to play at Hugh Hefner’s infamous Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

When you’re not a DJ, what do you do with your time?
Wearing fine italian suits, lunches at expensive restaruants and driving my fancy sports car. You guessed it… Property.

What’s on the cards for you in the next couple of months?
After returning from shows in Mykonos, Ibiza, Los Angeles and Vegas, studio work has now been scheduled for the next few months and I will be working with some of the best Australian and International artists.

What is the ultimate sign that you have made it in the music industry?
When you reach 100,000+ Twitter followers.

If you could choose any festival in the world to headline which one would it be?
Coachella (California, USA).

What do you think is happening in terms of trends in the music scene?
Due to its recent US popularity, EDM has now become a household genre. I predict an edgier, deeper, quality house sound will make its way back to Sydney’s dancefloors over the next few years.

Why do you like playing at The Argyle?
The music policy, friendly crowd, amazing drinks and a unique vibe… Always quality.

What track/s would you play to suit the mood of: 
a) An early summer’s afternoon/evening
“So Far” (Original Mix) Miguel Migs
b) Main set on a Friday or Saturday night
“Balla Concetta” (Original Club Mix) Sarah Main

Tell us some quirky facts about yourself.
I have a low tolerance for being called “champ”, have a serious addiction to late night pizza, and absolutley love Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s program on Triple J.