Phil Hudson Talks New Year's Eve

BY The Argyle



What's your guaranteed party-starter song?
To many to mention, I'm obsessed with making bootlegs & cheeky edits, so I guess you'll have to come NYE to here some of them

Best thing about being a DJ on a night like NYE?
Having DJ'd the past few year at Argyle on NYE i'd have to say the energy & vibe the crowd bring  to the room is always great. Also having Mark Matthews on Sax alongside me, we've played until the early hours the last few years so we must be doing something right.

If you weren't Djing, how would you be spending NYE? 
Very good question, couldn't tell you the last time I didn't DJ on NYE, I've never actually seen the fireworks in the 5 years i've been in Sydney so it would be good to actually see them for once.

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