Kristy Lee Releases Debut EP

BY The Argyle



On the eve of the release of her EP Revolution, we talk to Argyle Resident Kristy Lee (A.K.A. KLP) about the record and her experiences.

Tell us about producing the EP
I wrote 3 of the tracks by myself in my home studio in Sydney and I also record all my own vocals (for every song I write - not just this EP). The 4th track "Tropical" I wrote with producer/DJ's Stu Turner and Cassian. Once I had the 4 tracks I knew I l wanted to use, I headed to Melbourne to Dcup's studio where he helped with little finishing touches. Dcup is a bit of a musical genius to be honest. Out of all the people I have worked with - he seems to really get me musically the most. He's fast and gets everything sounding the way it should!

We heard you have some videos coming out – can you tell us a bit about this?
There is a video for "Revolution" which I made with my brother Andrew who is a pretty amazing skateboard photographer. I was stoked to know he was making the video for me as I knew he'd give me the finished product that I was after. We literally set off one morning to this abandoned warehouse and shot the whole thing just the 2 of us. No fancy clothes, hair or makeup - just myself, him and 1 camera. The other video is for the track "Tropical" and it's shot by Luke and Dom from Parallel Productions in Sydney. It's totally a different vibe - it involves some gorgeous ladies, a convertible Mustang, the Aquarium, and then a whole bunch of friends on a balcony with a view eating pizza and dancing. Enough said!

Any tours in the works or planned to release the EP?
I have an ep launch show which is coming up early May! I am however heading overseas mid this year so while I am over there, besides writing I'll try and jump on a stage at some point!

What else is coming up over the next 12 months for you?
There's a whole bunch of other co-writes coming out with both local and international producers/acts - some of which I sing on and some that I wrote for others to sing. They vary in styles too... I'm finding the more I write, the more I write ALL types of genres of music! I don't have a favourite per say, I just sit there in front of my mic and go for it - and sometimes once the song is done I stop and think - GEEZ what is this - where did that come from?!

You also do a lot of work with Heaps Decent – can you tell us a bit about that?
Heaps Decent is a non for profit organisation running music workshops and providing musical opportunities for underprivileged young people in Australia. I got involved through Adam Bozzetto (Wordlife) about 2 years ago and since then the workshops have taken me to all types of places. From the Juvenile Justices centres in Sydney, to Schools in Wilcannia, Wagga Wagga and then locally in Redfern. Heaps Decent is also running a showcase in the next few weeks where some of the young people perform their songs they have created - it's so fantastic to watch them and see how much they grow and develop!

The Track list of Revolution is

1. Revolution
2. Tropical
3. Hands
4. Roll With It 

Kristy Lee's debut EP Revolution is now available from iTunes - purchase it now!